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STEP 1# Let’s start with Facebook… Okay when you have chosen your Facebook profile to use join as many group’s as possible to do with traffic–affiliate marketing–post free ad’s etc!
Add  friend’s family that only ask or give permission!! Get to know the people across Facebook ask if they are in need of your product..Like and comment and share other’s friend’s statuses etc.. This will help and get you further with you friends/Customer’s and show that u are active and real !!

-Post to 20 work from home groups every two hours..

-Add 3-5 new people on fb.. Daily

-Talk to at least 20 people today and asked tell/ask them about there/your opportunity

**These are all things you can do daily and you WILL see results! 

Mix up the above daily and see the magic work!** 

Use the 5000 k friends groups on Facebook .. I suggest u do that and everyday go to the groups and say add me etc .. that way u wont end up going to Facebook jail … And with those new connection’s .. Connect with them everyday … and ask some ?’s.. How are you etc … and then ask may i ask what business u are with ect .. Then ask them if they are looking for new ways to make money etc .. Never just give your link to them always ask!! that way you build a business relationship with them… And they gain trust ect …Always be honest and lend them a hand etc.. That way they look up to you and look to you for guidance etc ..And always remember to like and comment on friends time line’s not about your business but about what there status is about That way they also come and check you out to see what your doing they may even contact you !!.. Simple isn’t it.

STEP 2#  Twitter — Quite the same as step 1 but retweet – favourite – use #tag’s – connect with your follower’s!!

STEP 3#  Gmail — Same as Step 1 too and always remember to connect !!…

STEP 4# Join traffic browser FREE — CLICK HERE – Take time to learn the software.

OK next thing is to download your traffic browser from member’s area!!

–After your download has finished–

–Open traffic browser — 

–Create group’s– 

Put as many Te’s {Traffic exchanges} as u can in the group the more the better and the more Traffic you get!! List of converting top traffic exchanges are bellow!!..

OK Upgrading at TRAFFIC BROWSER — Will get you more traffic and earn you more commission’s!!As a free member you can surf 7 Traffic exchanges / As an upgraded member you can surf from 10+ Traffic exchanges at once!!..

When you have it all set up ..Open one of your group’s Start surfing..There are button’s to use to have it use a 1 click to move to next traffic exchange!! Simply easy!! Surf 7 to 10+ at the same time-surf 300-400 page’s in each Traffic exchange – Go for about 2-3 group’s daily.

Top traffic exchanges that have converted traffic INTO SIGNUP’S/SALES

Traffic era – CLICK HERE
Traffic splash – CLICK HERELegacy Hits – CLICK HERE


Safe-list marketing is one of the best ways to deliver free converting targeted traffic just simply join safe-list’s as many as u can keep track of open and read your emails/and click on your credit links than just simply log into Safelist’s and send out your emails daily or how ever often your safelist’s allow you to.. I have provided a way for you to 10x your credit/traffic earnings faster and easier than u can possibly imagine And provided you with my top converting safe-list’s.

The Safelist Organizer – Keeping it Simple!

Safelist Organizer makes mailing/earning credits at your favourite safelist, viral list builder, or mailer simpler and faster.

Signup to Safelist Organizer and follow instructions to set up the credit clicker it opens and reads your safelist emails and all u need to do is click to earn the credits to send out emails. Once you have done that just simply log into Safelist’s and send out your emails daily or how ever often your safelist’s allow you to. That is it simple and works like a charm for someone looking for FREE traffic that works CLICK HERE to join FREE TODAY

Freeadvert4u – CLICK HERE1Profitring – CLICK HERE
Pangea Group – CLICK HERE1Goldmine – CLICK HERE

STEP 6# — CO-OP Traffic systems, Use these co-op systems along side with your traffic exchange advertising buy sending traffic to your co-op links given to you via sites bellow and ad them to your traffic exchange sites and assign credits to them in return you will be only surfing your main TE’S and getting visits from 100+ traffic exchanges it’s a must have to expand your traffic generation..

Legacyco-op – CLICK HEREExplosiveco-op – CLICK HERE
Jvtrafficco-op – CLICK HEREDownlinerco-op CLICK HERE

STEP 7# Create blogs – Create rss feeds from blogs Submit rss feeds~DAILY~ Post new blog/info daily on your blog

Thank you for reading hope it helps and happy earning’s

Nathan Hawes and Erykka Glasow

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