What they don’t want you to know!

The gurus want to highly complicate things, make extended courses that you have to buy for big money and keep you hooked for years paying them a fortune. Below is honestly all you need to know and DO to be wildly successful and the blueprint below has made millionaires over and over:

1. Find a big problem in a niche and solve it in a way that they want to pay for and need to pay specifically YOU. Now begin research on how you can create this product and then test it to ensure it works to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

2. Test your product by visiting niche hangouts, getting people involved in using the product and collect testimonials. Audio and video testimonials are best. Make sure you show other people having the problem solved and how happy they are because of it.

3. Now Make Your offer interesting, powerful and compelling and prove to people that you really can help them regardless of they are clueless. Tell a powerful story, use humor and truth. Make your offer something people truly want to buy not what YOU want to sell them (ask them, hang out in forums to see what they want and craft your product to deliver what your niche wants).

4. You need HIGH quality BUYING traffic from that EXACT Niche One of the fastest ways to get traffic is to buy a solo ad from someone that has a mailing list in your niche
(remember the site Safe-swaps? )
And setting a really compelling offer that creates a desire to want them to upgrade to your product. Seriously – this is the single fastest way next to pay per click for driving people to your offer.

5. Pre-sell your traffic A pre-sell tells a story and adds an expectation that is then proven. The prospects can follow up by going to your main sales page from that point ready to buy, but remember that to actually SELL something you need to speak the niche’s language and explain why they need to consider buying from you. Never send people directly to a sales page, first get them to want to buy with a compelling story that sends them to the sales page.

6. Well written sales page One way to ensure your success is to have help writing your sales copy on your main sales page. Either you can learn to do this or you can visit many of the top internet marketing forums and pay someone to help you. It is well worth a few hundred dollars to get a top copywriter to help here.

7. Add A Back-end Way To Make Money Most offers have a complete marketing funnel. Many products even lose money up front but later make money because the value of a buying person on your mailing list is worth a fortune if handled correctly. You can promote a whole series of related products so keep this in mind when you build your marketing.

8. Build Your Mailing List And Create More Offers Remember to segregate your buying list from the rest and make your best offers to these people. 

That’s really it. No big mysteries, so secrets. Just do it daily.

Don’t be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start…

Thank you for reading !!

Nathan Hawes AKA Affhawes13And Erykka Glasow

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